Premise: All Myths are true. All legends are fact. They exist in a different world, one of "Myths", separate from us... Until now. For unknown reasons, this fantastic world has begun to merge with our own; People are torn from their life as their very souls begin to intertwine with creatures and entities from the world of Myths, gaining their power and characteristics. Their memories and personalities. In the end the worlds will become one.

Along the way, humans will struggle with their power. Myths will flood this world. A reckoning is coming, of a scale that neither worlds could understand... But that is the future, and for now all they can do is survive and move forward.


If you are new here, there are certain pages you should visit first and foremost.

  • If you have no idea what the concept of the story is, you should visit the Main Story page and read the premise.
  • If you are interested in creating a character, please visit the Characters page and read the character creation notice, as well as the Plot page to read up on the currently set-in-stone rules of the world this RP is set in.
  • If you're a troper, I recommend visiting the Tropes page of this wiki.

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Plot summary is up to [OVER A THREAD OUT OF DATE. JESUS FUCK.] or so. Character pages and lots of other things largely not updated.

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This wiki is made for the RP started in It will include the plot updated to a certain point and all the characters currently involved.

Feel free to edit this, since you all probably have better insights on your own characters than I do presently.

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